"I am greatly thankful to Inmersive and Inclusive Audio Institute for choosing me as one of the recipients of their scholarship and making this certification possible. Thank you to my instructors Febe Adedamola and Leslie Gaston.

"If you don’t know about what they’re doing, please check them out. They’re making history."

- Angie Sandoval via Instagram

Such an amazing experience. The growth I've been afforded through this program will last a lifetime, to say nothing of the confidence! Thank you especially to Alexandria for being so accessible and working so hard to make sure we all got the most we could out of the course!"

-Ainjel AE Emme via Facebook

"Alexandria Smith - thank you for teaching!! You are PHENOMENAL."

-Miesha Burley via Instagram

"Pro Tools User certified ✅ I believe I am the first blind woman to do this, and I want many more to follow! I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn from the pros 🔥🎚️ I admire you both so much. Can’t wait for the doors that this knowledge will open. From the bottom of my heart, thanks!"

-Michelle Guadalupe via Instagram