Sennheiser supports new round of scholarships

Thanks to Sennheiser, Immersive and Inclusive is offering a new round of scholarships for upcoming classes in 2023. Read more here.

First Dolby Atmos Cohort Certified!

Katharina Pfennich and Dora Filipovic were the first cohort of students to earn their Avid Pro Tools | Dolby Atmos Professional Certificates in December, 2022.

Scholarship recipients announced

Congratulations to Ben Christopher, Whitley Wilkins, Lila Yomtoob, Ainjel Emme, Jordan Gilliam, Katrina Zemrak, Miesha Burley, Eve Brown, Zoe James, Stafanny Ramirez, Michelle Gaudalupe Felix Garcia, Angie Sandoval, and George Thompson who have received scholarships to take the Pro Tools Fundamentals classes!

First Pro Tools cohort certified!

The Audio Girl Africa Foundation partnered with Immersive and Inclusive Audio in June, 2022 to provide scholarships to 5 women who recently completed the Pro Tools Fundamentals course and earned the Pro Tools User certification. Read more here.

inaugural announcement

The Immersive and Inclusive Institute is chosen for a sponsorship from the Avid Learning Collective. Read more about the initiative here.